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Intent is an animating principle finding expression as a heartfelt desire to enrich the world in a particular way.

Intent is a fusion of purpose and vision of realised potential:

The dual aspects of intent: a generative, enrich-the-world purpose, and a vision of realised potential

Purpose: Why the enterprise exists, beyond profit.

I consider purpose to be a commitment to achieve some kind of significant impact in the world around you.

Source: John Hagel, co-chairman for Deloitte LLP’s Center for the Edge, in his article The Connection Between Narrative and Purpose, on the website of The Marketing Journal.
Vision: In the Rich Co-creation scheme of things, vision is a physical artifact serving as a surrogate for realised potential. It takes the form of a depiction (an actual picture accompanied by vivid explanatory text) of how the world will be when the value generation potential of the enterprise is being realised and the enterprise is animating its purpose to the full.
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